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The council administrative offices are located at 274 Highland Ave. The FCFC office can be reached by calling 740-439-5555 Ext 222.

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Help Me Grow is a coordinated, community based infrastructure that promotes trans-disciplinary, family-centered services for expectant parents, newborns, infants, toddlers and their families

"To Assure that newborns, infants and toddlers across Ohio have the best possible start in life."

The Family and Children First Council will plan and coordinate Help Me Grow services in conjunction with the current County Collaborative Group utilizing the Centralized Intake and Referral System

"All expectant parents and families of newborns, infants and toddlers who desire services are identified, evaluated and served."

"Traditionally under-served expectant parents and families with newborns, infants and toddlers will be identified, assessed, referred, screened, evaluated and served, if eligible, in accordance with the family's concerns, priorities and resources."

Expectant parents and families with newborns, infants and toddlers will receive desired services and supports to enhance the development of the eligible child and family members."

Program Components
Outreach / Child Find / Intake / Procedural Safeguards
  • Central intake and referral
  • Public awareness activites
  • Education to physicians/health care providers/other community providers
  • Partnership with local schools/Head Start to continue child find activities to indentify children 0-3 with delays and disabilities
  • Provide information on parent's rights for Part C and assure that a system is in place to address complaints
  • Attend required trainings
Home Visiting Services
  • Ongoing home visits as determined by family needs
  • Identify and establish medical/health home
  • Provide education and materials on maternal and child health/development, safety, and literacy (i.e., Wellness Guide and other materials)
  • Information on all available community resources
  • Referrals to other programs (e.g., CHIP, WIC, BCMH, CFHS)
  • Use of Birth to Three curriculum including Parents as Teachers (PAT)
  • Developmental screening (DDST, ASQ screening tools)
  • Parent/Caregiver and Child Interaction (NCAST, HOME)
  • Attend required trainings
Service Coordination / IFSP Development, Implementation and Review
  • Referral and coordination of evaluation in all 5 developmental domains to determine eligibility for Part C
  • Facilitate and participate in the development, implementation, review and monitoring of the IFSP.
  • Facilitate development of family goals
  • Identity and establish medical/health home
  • Identity specialized services and other providers
  • Provide choice to families by identifying all available service providers
  • Inform families of the availability of advocacy services
  • Coordinate and monitor the delivery of available services
  • Coordinate with medical and health providers
  • Coordinate transition to other programs and services
  • Attend required trainings
Home Visiting Services, Paraprofessional / Family Support Services
  • Provide parent mentoring / parent to parent support contacts
  • Parent group activities (i.e., Playgroups, Support Groups)
  • Transition from Hospital to Home activities
  • Transportation costs for parents to attend appointments and meetings
  • Parent stipends to attend meetings
  • Attend required trainings
Multi-Disciplinary Evaluation
  • Multi-disciplinary evaluations to determine eligibility for Part C in all 5 developmental domains
    - Social / Emotional
    - Communication
    - Cognitive
    - Physical (to include hearing , vision and nutrition)
    - Adaptive
Specialized Services in everyday routines, activities, and places
  • Respite services for parents
  • Assessments and interventions to meet goals on IFSP
    - Psychology
    - Family Counseling
    - Social Work
    - Occupational, Physical, and Speech / Language therapies
    - Developmental or specialized instruction
    - Nursing
    - Health
    - Nutrition
    - Hearing and Vision
    - Assistive technology