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The council administrative offices are located at 274 Highland Ave. The FCFC office can be reached by calling 740-439-5555 Ext 222.

In 1998, Ohio was one of the five states chosen to participate in the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention’s (OJJDP) Comprehensive
Strategy for Serious, Violent, and Chronic Juvenile Offenders Initiative.

The early successes of the Ohio Comprehensive Strategy counties led state leaders to invest in the development of a new generation model, Partnerships for Success (PfS).

County Family & Children First (FCF) Councils participating in PfS:
• Mobilize communities around issues related to families and children and engage them in action;
• Reduce duplication of effort between and among state and local agencies;
• Make better decisions that lead to better investments on public dollars;
• Evaluate the impact of these investments with an eye toward accountability; and
• Provide for long-term sustainability of effective programs and services.


View Needs Assessment Final Report
Large PDF file
View Resource Assessment Final Report
Large PDF file
View Strategic Action Plan
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To obtain a bound copy of each of the reports, please call 740-439-5555 Ext 222

PfS Core Team Members
Chad Hibbs, Director
Jean Stevens, Council Chair
Kelly Lynch, Guernsey County Children Services Board
Tim Welch, Guernsey County Public Information Officer
Kellie Brown, Guernsey County MR/DD
Vickie Hare, Thompkins Child & Adolescent Service Inc.
Brenda Caldwell, Council Family Representative

PfS Committee Chairs
Needs Assessment: Troy McCollister, Guernsey County DJFS
Resource Assessment: Kelly Lynch,
Guernsey County CSB
Strategic Action Identification: Jean Stevens, Guernsey County CASA



Partnerships for Success is a holistic and strategic approach to building a community’s capacity to prevent and respond effectively to child and adolescent problem behaviors while promoting positive youth development. Partnerships for Success Guiding Principles:

1. Involving and Engaging the Entire Community:
Partnerships for Success is concerned with facilitating change at the county level. PfS leaders must strive to ensure that all of the local constituencies are represented in PfS activities in order to lead to community investment in sustainable solutions to significant community problems involving youth.

2. Balancing a Holistic Continuum of Approaches:
A continuum of services includes primary prevention, early intervention and systems of care. Primary prevention includes programs available to the entire community BEFORE youth problem behaviors occur. Early intervention programs are provided for youth who show some risk factors, but before those problems become entrenched. Systems of care are provided to youth with serious and chronic problem behaviors.

3. Making Data-Informed Decisions:
Data is assembled to help PfS determine how the programs are working. Data is used in four ways: (1) to determine the magnitude of problem behaviors in the community; (2) to identify levels of risk, protection and assets that exist within the community; (3) to determine best practices related to implementation decisions; and (4) to continually evaluate the progress of the PfS initiative.

According to the 2004-2005 Progress Report from the Partnership for Success Academy, in 2004-2005, FCF Councils who are no longer receiving PfS funding leveraged $35,615,179 that they are investing in evidence-based and promising practices to impact their highest priorities for children and families. The addition of Guernsey County brings the total number of PfS counties in Ohio to thirty-nine.